Why join the Chamber?

Business promotion. Networking. Professional Development.   Access.    Image-buildingResources. Referrals.   Collective Voice. Civic Involvement. Economic Development,  and many more reasons…

These BENEFITS are VALUABLE  to YOU!  As part of the Daleville Area Chamber of  Commerce, you will be a part of a group of people who care about the same things you do. They will understand your difficulties and share the joy of your success.

The Chamber also understands that a strong and prosperous community depends upon a strong, successful and INVOLVED business community. The Daleville Area Chamber wants to be a hub of service to businesses, grow along with them and help push them forward to be as strong as they can be.

To do that, the Chamber is working to offer a variety of benefits, including:


The Chamber plans to have multiple gatherings at various business locations throughout the year akin to “After-Hours” events. The gatherings, hosted by businesses who volunteer, are wonderful opportunities for member business leaders to get acquainted with each other and learn about the diverse business and industrial services offered in the area.

Statistics show that every person attending a networking event is likely to tell 10 other people about your business – within a week!


Become a visible part of the community by taking advantage of opportunities to be involved in Chamber projects, activities, committees. Participation sends a message to other businesses, customers and potential customers that you are committed and seriously invested in the community in more than a financial way.

Studies show that favorability, positive reputation and public awareness of a local business is higher among Chamber members than non-Chamber members.


Chamber-sponsored events such as the “Spotlight on Schools,” “Military Appreciation Softball Game and Business Showcase offer businesses, employers and managers an opportunity to spread the word about their products and services.

Event sponsorships provide a means to get out the business name to thousands of people through public service announcements and advertising.

The Chamber’s newsletter, Facebook, Twitter and website also can provide exposure for your business in a variety of ways such as business links and member directories, business spotlights, achievement recognition, etc. Member referrals are also of indescribable value.

Studies show that 59 percent of people think Chamber membership is a good way to show people what your company is all about.


The Chamber plans to begin a regular schedule of educational and informational meetings and workshops for members on a variety of topics of interest to Chamber members. The meetings, such as “How to Develop a Marketing Plan,” may be held in conjunction with networking gatherings or at other specified times. Chamber members not only have the opportunity to learn but to develop business resources by meeting with experts in various fields and levels of business and industrial leadership. Other topics may include software training and current issues.

A study by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce shows that most business leaders believe that membership in a Chamber is a good business practice.

REFERRALS – Terrific!

Chamber members receive special treatment through referrals. Numerous telephone inquiries result in many potential customers referred exclusively to Daleville Area Chamber of Commerce businesses. In addition, members receive special consideration for a variety of products and services needed by the Chamber, city and fellow members.

Business leaders agree that Chamber membership gives them an instant referral network, and that one referral can provide an opportunity to exceed yearly sales goals.


By being a Chamber member, business leaders, managers, employees have resources and access to many opportunities and benefits they might otherwise not be privy to. New businesses can have a ribbon-cutting ceremony that provides free exposure for them in the community and the media. The Chamber also plans to have a business directory for Chamber partners on its website and hopes to develop a printed business directory in the near future. Member businesses have opportunities for sponsorships, which create great, positive exposure and name recognition.  Access to promotional opportunities is also combined with access to resources that connect local members with other businesses, associations, universities, experts, political entities and organizations that provide support and information to small businesses, large industries and everything in between.

Chamber and business leaders strive to provide links and connections that allow businesses to do and achieve more.


Chamber members are a collective voice for business. The Daleville Area Chamber of Commerce is a member of the Chamber of Commerce Association of Alabama and benefits from the CCAA partnership with the Business Council of Alabama, recognized by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce as Alabama’s chamber of commerce. The Partnership formed in 2003 links the BCA’s 5,000 members with the 60,000 businesses represented by Chambers. The CCAA/BCA provides business-related information and contacts, has regular updates on governmental affairs and issues affecting the business community, and has statewide membership events addressing the needs of Chamber professionals.

Chamber leaders believe that because public policy affects you, your  business, industry and employees, public and elected officials need to hear from you. Chamber members cannot accomplish alone what they can together.


The Chamber works with the City of Daleville and the Enterprise Coffee Geneva Economic Development Corporation to sustain and improve existing businesses as well as to recruit appropriate new business and industry into the area in order to provide jobs and increase money flow into the local economy.

“Do economic development every day.” – Mick Fleming, president of  American Chamber of Commerce Executives.


The Chamber gives businesses and local industry the opportunity to demonstrate civic pride and to show customers and potential customers outside of the community that service is priceless and concern for the community in which they live and/or work is genuine. Chamber activities give members an opportunity to make a difference by utilizing their unique skills and talents along with time and effort to improve life in the community.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has” – Margaret Mead.

HAVING FUN – Marvelous!

Chamber leaders don’t see any reason that business and fun can’t go together, so … Be our guest  – Mix business with pleasure

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